A toolkit to help you communicate your value

How Does It Work?

Practice talking about the value that you bring to the table in an approachable, fun setting.

Accomplishment: tackled a problem that initially seemed overwhelmingSkill: determination and persistenceResult: had my work recognized by someone I admireSkill: critical thinking skillsAccomplishment: supported someone through a difficult time

Why Shout Your Worth?

A playful, game-like experience creates a safe space where players feel supported and comfortable being vulnerable and brave.

Players walk away from the experience feeling confident and empowered to tackle what can be an uncomfortable conversation – advocating for themselves.

What are Value Statements?

Value statements are a proven method for communicating your worth. They can be used in conversation that requires self-advocacy such as a salary negotiation or job interview.

So this one time I...

led a team


using my

communication skills


and as a result,

made a new friend

What You Get
Playmat, cards, and rulebook
Your Download Includes
  • 177 Shout Your Worth Cards
  • 1 Playmat
  • 1 Rule Booklet
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I love it when professional development feels like a game.

Christina, 23


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To start, we conducted a literature review and expert interviews in order to define a target audience. Once defined as women aged 22-35 at a crossroads in their careers, we realized that our solution needed to meet women where they are and make them feel confident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a deck of cards?

Shout Your Worth can be used in a variety of contexts: as supplemental material for an existing salary negotiation workshop, as an informal game played with friends, or an icebreaker. Through a series of iterative play-tests, we’ve shown that Shout Your Worth offers a friendly entry point for the difficult task of self-advocacy in interview settings.

Can I use this toolkit by myself?

Definitely! You can use Shout Your Worth cards as an exercise to jog your memory before a big interview, or even just to boost your confidence before a big day at work. Don’t forget — you’re worth it!

What are some other resources I can practice with?

We’re big fans of the American Association for University Women (AAUW)’s online training. If you’re local to Boston, the city also teaches this curriculum in free, in-person workshops.

Where should I print the cards?

Our open source toolkit could be used digitally, or even printed on your home printer! For heavier paper, we’d recommend you take the files to your local office supply store.

I have ideas / questions / feedback! How can I contact you?

We'd love to hear from you! You can reach us at shoutyourworth@gmail.com.